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01. Project Info

Zero Negative was contracted by Mercedes-Benz to produce a new website for their Southern European markets that would better reflect the timeless elegance of the Mercedes-Benz brand in the target regions. Zero Negative worked closely with MB's internal marketing team and foreign subsidiaries to create a tasteful, yet informative site that coincided with the launch of new products. We are privileged to have such a powerful brand entrust us for their digital face in a developing market.

The objective was clear, but how do you further an already powerful brand?

With an internationally recognized powerhouse such as Mercedes-Benz, it may seem unmanageable, perhaps even impossible to push a brand further, as if the limits of global reach have already been met. What more can be done?

The reality is quite different. A brand synonymous with quality, luxury, and reliability for over a century must constantly uphold this reputation. Even more so, there can be a tendency for average consumers to lose touch with the nuance of famous brands when that very fame overshadows the fine details that carry the brand’s reputation to begin with.

02. The Design

Elegance and function, our expertise on display...

As we say, it takes more than a beautiful design to convey a message. Combining knowledge of the target market with an innovative and functional workflow, incorporated into an elegant design that reflected the values of the client’s brand, we were able to develop a solution that was not only met the project objectives, but was highly relevant to the target market.

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