Our Clients

Over the years, we've serviced countless businesses, non-profit organizations, government bodies, small businesses, and agencies. You name it, we've done it! The range of industries we've served include charities, eCommerce, retail, air travel, restaurants, professional services, education, real estate, financial services, telecom, and so many more.

Some of Our Work

Travel: Tour Guide Booking App

For this client, we designed an app to bring together adventure lovers and tour providers. Users of the app can search for different types of travel experiences, like unique hikes or guided tours. Different guides and agencies can list their tours, along with user reviews, photos, and scheduling, all within the app.

Car Wash: Rewards & Loyalty App

This app, which is customized to each car wash location, allows the user to purchase car washes both individually and by subscription. The user can collect points, earn rewards, and even gift car washes to friends and family.

Art Gallery: Virtual Guide & Art Marketplace

For this project, the client commissioned us to design an app that could help guide guests through an art exhibit using a virtual tour feature, as well as allow users to purchase the displayed artworks through a silent auction style marketplace within the app.

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