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Why Choose Us

Who are we? In a nutshell, Zero Negative is a small, boutique full-service design and development studio with a focus on creativity and close collaboration with clients. We make stuff - websites, web apps, interactive experiences, branding, and content creation. We fuse design and development in one company to deliver complete products. You think of it, we build it.

How did you get here? Max started Zero Negative after many (probably too many) years working in the dry, colorless world of corporate tech in Boston, Massachusetts. Seeking to diverge from the monotonous and often bland, impersonal way that traditional companies tend to do things, he longed for a creative, more organic approach to design and development that allowed for a collaborative experience with clients. Simply put, he was full of creative energy and wanted to be able to share this - he wanted to be able to build beautiful things but also be a sidekick to the client. Going further, he also wanted to do things hands-on, being a guiding hand to clients and taking the time to understand their vision before making it a reality, unlike some of the bigger companies that just want to churn out as much work as possible with little relationship building. With these philosophies in mind, Zero Negative was born! The rest, as they say, is history. Max joined hands with long-time colleagues and handpicked his team based on shared philosophies, aspirations, and acquired skills to develop the company into the specialized studio we are today!

On to the reasons...

Reason 1

Quality, depth, and passion come first.

Quality is everything. And in order to obtain quality, you must have depth. It’s the master tailor who knows precisely what textiles, hardware, and stitching will make a winter coat last 100 seasons. It’s the chef that knows the nuance of how one particular spice can make or break a dish. And although we’d never boast or claim to be the best, we do hold one belief - that quality is everything. Our President & Founder oversees every project, working closely to make sure each member of the team is meeting our commitment to quality.

Reason of Zero Negative
Reason of Zero Negative
Reason 2

Boutique-like focus on clients.

We’re not about volume. We make self-imposed limits on how many projects we take at any particular time. This allows us closer care and dedication to our clients, and the necessary breathing room to tailor each project to the customer’s needs. Going further, the company founder has a hands-on approach to quality assurance, and oversees each step of every project. He doesn’t hide away in the ivory tower!

Reason 3

Well-rounded creative & technical expertise.

Fusing creative and technical expertise under one company is not easy, but it’s given us immense experience creating solutions for a broad scope of industries, for companies of all sizes, in North America, Europe, and beyond. This allows us to be adaptable to nearly any need. As we’ve grown, we’ve hand-picked our team members for their exceptional and diverse talents, with prior experience in many diverse industries.

Reason of Zero Negative
Reason of Zero Negative
Reason 4

Our philosophies.

Zero Negative was established with a very simple mission, and perhaps it’s just common sense:

We wanted to provide the world with high quality, robust, unique, and attention grabbing solutions that fulfill the goals of the client, small or large. We know good methodology is a given. But the philosophies that drive us - quality, dedication, flexibility, and creativity, are equally important to ensure we fulfill our commitment.


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